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Valentine's Day Basic Cookie Baking Class

299 North Highland Avenue Northeast St Suite J, Atlanta, GA 30307

This fun and interactive baking class will give you a hands-on introduction to the art of cookie baking tips, techniques, and recipes that will allow you to create delicious gourmet goodies. We'll cover the basics of ingredients, measurements, temperatures and equipment. We'll cover different cookie styles and flavors. Plus, you'll take home some of your own creations and the knowledge of how to make delicious quality homemade cookies anytime also bakeable dough for home, if you don't bake them all! Join us for this tasty baking adventure.

Learn the ins and outs of baking from the owner, Shiana White! She’ll show you how to make some of her famous confections sold here at the shop.  Hello, A Haute Cookie! We will provide different add ins, chocolates and toppings for our cookie class. 

All confection baking classes require a stand or hand mixer and additional bakeware and tools, which we will provide.

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